A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

"Kaomoji-based" bullet hell game. Warning: pre-pre-alpha stage, beware of falling bricks.

If you're reading this... 'Enter' aka 'Return' key was not supposed to work in menu, use 'z' instead. Will be fixed soon.

Dodge bullets (you can see your hitbox in concentrate mode (shift/ctrl)), shoot enemies, explode bombs to remove bullets nearby.


  • keyboard-war-win32.zip — archive with win32 binary
  • KeyboardWars.love — package for Love2d game engine. You'll need to have Love2d installed to run it.

Authors: Penguinum-tea and Lgmrszd.

Source code is avaliable under MIT license at https://github.com/Penguinum/keyboard-war


Win32 binary 19 MB
Engine package, no binary 16 MB

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